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Hi there! My name is Elie McCoy and I am a senior BFA Acting Major at Ithaca College. I have a passion for starting little hobbies and then forgetting about them (I WILL one day pick knitting back up I swear), singing passionately in the car, and vehement stress baking. My entire family consists of successful and smart lawyers, so obviously as the theatre kid I have had to sharpen and hone my vocabulary and wit to an ungodly level lest I risk being a disappointment. It also didn't help my character development being the youngest of my siblings (all brothers) whose greatest joy in life was to pick me up and fling me around the room. That was when I learned the art of the throat punch. Which I can now do onstage, thanks to the Ithaca College course, Stage Combat.

However, I digress. I have been actively involved in theater since I was 10. One could say I was destined to do theater long before that, as I sang every song I ever learned loudly in the middle of the night on my karaoke machine, without any regard for my brother asleep in the next room, until my parents took it away. It was the Music Man that eventually twirled me gently into my love of theater, where I was the youngest to be called back to audition for Amaryllis. I WOULD have GOTTEN the part too if they had not paired me with my crush at the time (Isaac, if you're reading this, no you aren't), which caused my body to go into a deep panic. I have since learned to be better than that. If YOU decide to call me back for a part I can promise right here and now that I will not make that same mistake UNLESS any Marvel actor is in the room with me. They are all so beautiful. I don't know WHY they would be in the room with me, but I like to be as upfront as possible.


I currently hail from Bethesda, Maryland, where I moved to after living in the Bay Area in California. While in High School, I did a pre-professional musical theater program called Act Two at Levine where we performed 3 - 4 musicals per school year at prestigious theaters such as the Arena Stage or the Woolly Mammoth Theatre in D.C. Now in college, I recently did a production of Trojan Women, where I played Andromache, a production of She Kills Monsters, where I played Vera, and an ensemble production of Red Bike. Between all this business, I have trained in classical and contemporary voice since I was 13, attending Interlochen Arts Camp for voice for 4 summers. Furthermore, for the past 10 years I have relentlessly pursued my love for the French language and culture, studying abroad for a year in Rennes, France my junior year of high school and minoring in French in College. I hope to utilize these skills and passions as I enter the non-educational theatre and film world after graduation.

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